Who we are

Agriculture would be the most vulnerable to climate change witnessing poor soil quality, water scarcity, low yields and acute food shortage. But the growing demand for food, quality and sustainability is going to only increase, putting food producers in huge stress to meet the requirements of consumers globally.

What can be a solution to these challenges in agriculture and global food system?


SmartFarm Space

We are a part of this solution - AgriTech startup SmartFarm Space, an application that streamlines farming activities, identifies a food producer, connects him to agri resources and strengthens quality and ensures accountability.

We believe that the solution lies not just in one individual, company or a country but integrating communities that is growing food, providing services to farming and enabling the produced goods to reach the consumers.

SmartFarm Space offers digital solutions to improve planning, monitoring and evaluation of daily farming activities supporting a farm of any size. It aims to improve productivity, enable traceability and increase efficiency in farming with a goal to create digital inclusivity especially among small and marginal farmers.

Our Values

Agriculture in the last century has been witnessing various forms of technology revolutions right from growing food to taking it to the table. The data driven solution has enabled farms to improve methods to grow food, combat and mitigate challenges of climate change by adopting solutions to optimize the use of available resources and strengthen global supply chain.

The capabilities of digital technologies have made it possible to collect and use critical farm-data to help field operations more insight-driven results leading to better production and efficiency. As more and more countries are coming to know the benefits of digital farming innovations, the market shares for it are growing considerable over the years. With state-of-the-art advanced technology capabilities, SmartFarm Space has developed models that offers a wide-range of solutions to the farming communities globally.

Our Product Suitable for

Individual Farmers / Farmer Producer Organization
Agricultural Credit Facilities and Input Companies / Enterprise Farming

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Our Structure

SmartFarm Space is incubated at IIT Madras Research Park and Killikulam Agribusiness Incubation Forum. We are working with our partners in US, Canada, Ghana and India to take digital farming solutions to small and marginal farms, contract farms, government, financial institutions and universities through our cocreation space in developing technology solutions to address challenges in agriculture. We believe affordable and inclusive technology solution can benefit every last mile farmer when it is scalable which is strengthened through our partnerships and funding.


Who we are?

In modern farming, innovation plays a significant role. As a whole, the farming sector is facing massive challenges, including growing supply prices, workforce scarcity, and changes in consumer demands for transparency and sustainability. Looking for an end-to-end smart farm management platform that enables you to speed up the pace and achieve your sustainability goals faster?
Here is your one stop solution. SmartFarm Space (SFS).

We Are Located


Development Centre

IIT Madras Research Park – Phase 2,
Module B3-06, 3rd Floor, B-Block
Kanagam Road, Tharamani,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600 113


Field R&D Centre

Iot-Robotics Lab
Killikulam Agribusiness Incubation Forum(KABIF)
Agricultural College and Research Institute,
Vallanadu,Tamil Nadu-628252