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Our solution will enable a farm, agribusinesses, and credit facilities to manage complex farm operations, integrate small farms, optimize cost and improve yields, facilitates accountability in investment and improves decision making capacity.

We offer

1. Digital transformation by applying digital technologies to existing or new processes and services, transforming how business is conducted.

2. Digitalization by converting non-digital data and documents into a digital format so it can be processed by computers.

3. Smart farming to incorporate intelligent analytics, big data, digital technologies, and automation to optimize manufacturing processes.

4. Agriculture 4.0, merging machine and human capabilities through connected systems, real-time digital information, and smart and autonomous technologies to reimagine business models and enable transformational change throughout agriculture.

Ideal For

Farmers and Farmer Groups

Agribusiness and Services

Credit Facilities

Government and Research Organizations

Improved decision making through capturing daily farm activities with seed to harvest data management

Streamlining farm process and record keeping to improve farm management from small family farms to large enterprise farming

Harvest forecast enabling decisions on profit and expenditure

Open book audit to enable integrated farming and partnership farm management

Improved farming methods using customized crop template models and assistance from other services

De-risking credits and inputs to farm through accountability measures where real benefits reach the deserving farm

Monitor and evaluate farm from anywhere in the world enabling remote farm management

Product Features

Customized dashboard

Expenditure forecasting

Monitoring input usage

Root cause analysis

ROI and Insight reports

DATA collection mobile app

Multiple farms

Customized work order

Field grouping


1. We are incubated at one of the finest research institutions in India - IIT Madras Research Park and Agricultural University Incubation Center.

2. Our technology works on any model farming as our application is developed studying various farming methods and mixed farming practices.

3. We can adapt to any existing technology that customer is using and enable partner integration without affecting the database solution our customers are already using for farm management.

4. We can standardize farming practices for small to medium farms and replicate similar models in other regions

5. Enterprise or corporate level farming practices can be implemented to any small-scale farming to making our technology upsize or downsize for any farm

6. SFS enables a farm with not just farm management solution but complete ecosystem to enable a produce from sowing to reach a market