What we are doing?

SFS helps you opt multiple business models within a single organization. Individual farming and farmer groups, such as FPO’s (Farmer Producer Organization) can very well use SFS for its comprehensive workflows both in Mobile and Web versions for the entire farming cycle. FPO’s have the potential to give farmers better bargaining power and create a more transparent agri-market.

Through this approach, SFS offers a platform for farmers, FPOs, product providers, retailers, food processing companies, professional agronomic advisors, quality personnel, and key stakeholders to come together and understand how to jointly build a robust farm management ecosystem thereby help the farmers.

This SFS platform has made it easier for FPOs to manage inputs, outputs, technology, services, and payments without any hassles. This is enabling them to build advanced agriculture management frameworks for the farmers and ensuring high-quality yields with maximum efficiency.

This framework helps in creating micro-entrepreneurs at the local field level to facilitate coordination among farmers, service providers, and end-buyers.

The SFS conceptual framework integrates the following farming inputs in each farming stage.
⦁ field monitoring with satellite images or scouting;
⦁ rainfall/heat history;
⦁ soil mapping;
⦁ plant growth and maturing stages;
⦁ profit and loss;
⦁ operation management with reports on activities;
⦁ product quality control;
⦁ check compliance with standards
⦁ food safety and security
⦁ e-mail notifications
Most importantly, SFS integrates all these retrieved inputs in one place generating comprehensive farm command prescriptions.

With the help of SFS, farmers can measure and better understand changes in multiple environmental indicators for water, soil, energy and greenhouse gas emissions, so they optimize crop inputs for production. These metrics subsequently address the desire of consumer companies to reduce their environmental footprint, demonstrate resource efficiency and advance progress against sustainable sourcing commitments.

This process flow illustration shows how SFS works to simplify real-time decision-making in each stage of the entire farming cycle.

Streamlining farming process with digitization

SFS platform enables the transformation of the entire value chain in farming cycle from production, processing to distribution. SFS creates a digital footprint providing needed insights to all the stakeholders at any given point and eliminates any need of manual work.

With a comprehensive and well-structured user-interface coupled with combining the following unique features, SFS made end users task super easy for the entire farming cycle.
⦁ Stakeholder registration process (user, farm, farmer) and organization management. The registration process is hassle-free with a fewer click.
⦁ Season planning and active cultivation planning of farming units.
⦁ Unit/ cluster creation/ geo-fencing and management. Units, clustering (grouping of units for easy management and reporting) and automatic geo-fencing features.
⦁ Work instruction templates. SFS helps to create work instructions (templates) and assign it to a unit from each unit card to significantly make the farming estimation and expenditure calculations much easier.
⦁ Capturing daily field activities. SFS let the Field Officers/ Field In-charge effectively capture the process and report the daily farm metrics with regards to the farm, crop, vehicle movement, fertilizers, and other details to Farm Manager.
⦁ Stakeholder security and authentication. SFS supports KYC and OCR Scanning features to enhance the security and authenticity in all the farm management processes.
⦁ Enhanced reporting capabilities. SFS helps generating tailor-made reports at any given time with accurate and real-time farm data for easy decision-making.

SFS Dashboard. Dashboard provides users data for their selected land area over a specific time range. The dashboard displays relevant data to provide holistic monitoring of various parameters. The dashboard operates with Field Summary along with overall farm performance data for informed decision-making for the stakeholders.

SFS reporting Integrity

SFS’s real-time reporting capability enable farmers to showcase verifiable data insights to the buyer in the value chain. It offers the most significant purchasing security, with the certainty that the supply chain is reliable, transparent, and accounted for from start to finish.

Solve climate change effects on agriculture with data

Farmers are at the forefront of witnessing climate change and its effects. SFS was built to help these farmers mitigate the risks of climate change on agriculture, manage reduced soil productivity, and realize optimal yield rates in their farms all with the power of data.

A platform built to equip every individual fighting the battle against climate change

As the world grows increasingly interconnected, SFS taps into this network to provide data and solutions for farm management and climate change. It empowers stakeholders to make critical decisions with complete understanding and confidence.

Farmers – Farmers looking for practical solutions to mitigate, manage, and monitor soil health for better crop yield.
Farmer Organizations – Farmer companies making business-critical decisions based on historical and forecast yield quality.