Who we are doing?

SFS helps farm investors with open book auditing

SFS facilitates Farm Owners to assign a piece of farm land to the Investors and tracks as to when an activity happens, how much is the Investors spending, and when the cultivation cycle ends.

Therefore, SFS enhances the transparency that helps Investors with an open book auditing to clearly understand and tracks fund utilization in the farm activities.

SFS’s unique technology helps individual farmers and farm owners understand their farms better

Data Collection – Seamlessly collect, extract, process, and normalize farm-specific data with proprietary ML models built from scratch on the SFS platform.
Interpolation – Farm analytics on SFS servers provide fully interoperable data that collate different sources and datasets.
Data Refineries – Automated algorithms that constantly validate data from various sources to accurately represent and weed out any errors at the source level.

SFS empowers smallholder farmers

⦁ SFS makes great strides in its efforts to empower smallholder farmers with agri-technology to lighten their biggest burdens and make agriculture less challenging than it already is.

SFS enhances stakeholder management frameworks in farming industry

⦁ With the recent advancements in technologies, SFS enable Growers, Farmers, as well as Exporters to implement stakeholder management frameworks. Such features in farm management systems are mainly focused on:
⦁ Meeting the needs of end-users
⦁ Prioritizing stakeholders throughout the supply chain
⦁ Making important decisions related to investments and incentives
⦁ While the agricultural industry across the world is making an active effort to implement sustainable agriculture techniques, managing and evaluating stakeholder participation throughout the value chain is also becoming an integral part in reducing climate risks in agriculture. In addition, stakeholder management protocols in farm management systems are proving to be useful in implementing sustainable agriculture practices throughout the value chain.