Who we are?

In modern farming, innovation plays a significant role. As a whole, the farming sector is facing massive challenges, including growing supply prices, workforce scarcity, and changes in consumer demands for transparency and sustainability. Looking for an end-to-end smart farm management platform that enables you to speed up the pace and achieve your sustainability goals faster?

Here is your one stop solution. SmartFarm Space (SFS).



We’re SFS and we’re here to help agricultural stakeholders across the globe make the most of their farms

As the hub of all your farms data, SFS offers traceability through real-time recordkeeping, planning, budgeting and forecasting, inventory, ownerships splits, harvest tracking and cost of production. You can even connect your operations field data to your finances to better manage risk, control cost and improve profitability.
SFS supports both Individual Farming and as well Farmer Groups, such as FPO (Farmer Producer Organization). Business Users can very well adopt the robust and comprehensive workflows laid down in the SFS in both Mobile and Web Versions for the entire farming cycle and look out for a significant ROI.
What makes SFS unique with other farm management players in the market?
SFS creates the following opportunities for farmers by connecting significant value chain networks in farming space.

⦁ Integrate farming inputs
⦁ Streamline farming process using digital data collection
⦁ Connect farmers to credits and market

Overall, SFS ensure improved small holder access to credit and technology

⦁ Covers entire farm-to-gate cycle
⦁ Achieves end-to-end traceability
⦁ Farmer and plot geotagging
⦁ Farming group planning and forecasting
⦁ Yield estimation and smart crop advisory
⦁ Secured authenticated login system
⦁ Farmer-based expenditure and open book audit system
⦁ Integration with legacy software systems and smart hardware devices
⦁ Farm analytics for data-driven decisions
⦁ Organizational hierarchy mapping
⦁ Simplifying operations management of FPOs and Individual Farm
⦁ Driving higher profit streamline process
⦁ Supports multiple crops, locations and users
⦁ Economic and social upliftment of small scale farmers
⦁ Integrating agriculture inputs, selling points and investor management
⦁ Accessed over web, mobile and tablet