Why we are doing?

Agriculture in the last century has been witnessing various forms of revolutions in the practices and produces. The capabilities of Digital technologies have made it possible to collect and use critical farm-data from the farms to help field operations more insight-driven results leading to better production and efficiency. As more and more countries are coming to know the benefits of Digital Farming innovations, the market shares for it are growing considerable over the years. With state-of-the-art advanced technology capabilities, SFS offers a wide-range of solutions to the farming industry globally.


SFS connects farmers to credits and markets

SFS understands that a successful switch to smart farming largely depends on the availability of credit.
Smart farming takes away the unpredictability and instability associated with farming making it easy for financial institutions to gather all the information they need so they can make informed lending decisions.

SFS enhances traceability, transparency, and go-to-market strategy

With exclusive visibility to the go-to-market strategies, data capturing and authentic reporting capabilities, SFS enhances traceability in the entire farming cycle. Stakeholders, such as exporters, quality assurance personnel, people with own brands can very well connect with SFS and significantly improve their ROI.

SFS helps financial institutions understand more about growth and yield potential

The emergence of smart technology and AI in farming sector has led to the rise of a number of NBFCs that use technology for risk assessment and mitigation to offer credit to farmers. It enables financial institutions to understand more about growth and yield potential in different regions. Especially in agriculturally-driven economies, gaining reliable data-driven insights on such a large sector helps banks and financial institutions make informed expansion decisions.
SFS’s robust real-time tracking through satellite imagery along with historical and weather performance data can help determine major agriculture zones. As a result, banks can effectively gauge their potential and tailor their products accordingly.

SFS simplifies the pre-disbursal lending process

Using smart technologies in farming, particularly in finance, banks to evaluate the credit and farming history of the farmers before offering loans. Smart farming technology benefits farmers and financial institutions as it improves authenticity in the pre-disbursal process.
With intelligence regarding the historical performance of the farms, along with real-time information about the yield potential for the current period, banks can determine the expected harvest from any plot and offer loans with reduced risk.
Smart technology can help financial institutions keep track of the plots under cultivation on a real-time basis, which is not only beneficial to them but also helps farmers to have a stronghold on the health of their crops throughout their cultivation cycle.

SFS helps secure hassle-free financial services with minimum paperwork

SFS’s cloud platform helps in achieving profiling and digitizing of FPO members. This significantly simplifies the process of applying for credit and other financial services, such as insurance and risk mitigation.

SFS reduces the risk of crop failure

Crop Failures are not uncommon, with every farmer having experienced the failure in crop at least once in their lifetime. Every stakeholder of the agricultural produce is affected with such a calamity. Crop failure mostly happen due to following reasons:
⦁ Improper quality of seeds by untimely weather changes
⦁ Ineffective fertilizers
⦁ Inefficient spraying methods
⦁ Lack of water availability
⦁ Improper pest control methods
⦁ Faulty storage system
⦁ Untimed harvesting
With SFS’s modern technology, such failures can be significantly reduced with various IOT mechanisms that provide data at different stages of crop cultivation. The transparent data-analytics helps all the stakeholders in the farming process learn and implement better approaches overcome all possible challenges resulting in increasing the RoI.

SFS improves the farmer’s life style

SFS helps farmers significantly improve their harvest and have a better understanding of crops and farming overall. All this while keeping in mind the cost margins and optimal utilization of cost with increased inputs and better facilities in the farming process.